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100 IA-12, Akron, IA 51001

Since 2016

Chubs Country Store


Chubs Country Store is a state of the art gas station and convenience store located along the Big Sioux River and Loess Hills Scenic byway, on Highway 12 in Akron, Iowa.  The Chubs motto is Food, Fuel, and Friendly Faces and the team works every day to make that happen. After 2 years of research and design, Chubs was built to serve the rural community and all the visitors that pass through town. Chubs opened in 2016 ready to serve as a one stop shop.  Owners David & Karen Allen and Mitchal & Jenell Lanning, have made this gas station an amazing addition to this rural community.  

This store is 4200 sq feet of retail space which includes as indoor seating area for those cold winter days and outdoor patio seating area to enjoy the beautiful summer days.  Grab a drink and a snack and catch up with friends.  Free public WIFI is available for business or personal needs. 

The selection of drinks in this convenience store is impressive.  11 doors of drinks in every size and flavor that you can imagine – Monster, Rockstar, Bang, Venom, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Body Armor, Bai, Ocean Spray, Dole, Gatorades, Powerade, and an amazing variety of Coke and Pepsi products.  11 different fountain pop options with crushed or cubed ice are waiting for patrons. How about the perfect cup of Coffee? Chubs has 4 blends ready at all hours.  From bold to decaf, with various sugars, creamers and flavors, just waiting to be crafted into the perfect cup to get the day started.  Not a coffee person? How about a cappuccino?  Chubs has 4 flavors to experience.  How about a Slushy? Orange Dream sickle, raspberry lemonade, green apple and blue raspberry are frozen and waiting.  Looking for an adult beverage?  Chub’s walk-in beer cave is large and has a variety of beers and hard seltzers.  Chub’s stocks seasonal flavors and love to show off all the new products that the major distributors offer.  At 32 degrees, it is always ice cold and ready to drink. 

Our Vision

We would like our store to be a model of happy employees & customers in our rural area. 

Our Mission

Chubs Country Store is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and quality products to our community.  Our intent is to elevate the convince store experience for each customer.

Our Values

We are proudly serving our customers as a premier convenience store. We promote cleanliness, friendliness and innovation in all aspect of our business. 

Snacks are a vital part of everyone’s day, and Chubs Country Store has a vast amount of them.  Salty, sweet, decadent, healthy, whatever you are looking for you will find it here. Chubs has entire aisles of candy bars chips, crackers, nuts, popcorn, and sunflower seeds in many flavors. Novelty candy-filled toys and nostalgic varieties, like pop rocks, sour jacks, now & later’s, red hots, and zots- all the candy you remember having as a kid. How about soft serve ice cream?  Have ice cream for breakfast! Looking for something a healthy?  How about a cheese stick, yogurt, meat sticks, launchable or a protein bar? 

Chubs Country Store prides itself in homemade foods. Especially bakery items like cookies, cinnamon rolls, caramel rolls, muffins, donuts all made fresh every day. Chubs’ pudding cups are a special treat with 5 varieties in chocolate and vanilla and layers of cookie or candy pieces and whipped cream. How about something from our cold cooler?  Deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs, a variety of salads, sub & sandwiches, and wraps, there is always something to fill up a hungry stomach at any time of day.   The sub bread is raised and baked fresh and then high quality meat and cheese are piled on, just waiting for customization with condiments from the countertop refrigerator. 

Need something for breakfast? Breakfast sandwiches contain real eggs. No premade egg patties here.  How about a breakfast bowl filled with potatoes, country gravy, and topped with scrambled eggs and meat with just a sprinkle of cheese?  Biscuits and gravy? Chubs has that! Breakfast burritos are great to eat on the go in the morning. Chubs hand makes all its burritos and fills them with 5 different combinations of eggs meat and cheese.  So delicious!  Breakfast pizzas are made with a cheese sauce, eggs and meat. These foods are a great way to start the day!  


Need a quick meal?  The warmer is stocked with a variety of sides and sandwiches.  You won’t find tiny little patties on a dried out bun at Chubs. High quality beef burgers, real bacon, crispy chicken patties- all made in small batches and refilled constantly to ensure fresh food at any hour of the day.  Chubs also accommodates made to order sandwiches, like a pizza burger or a beef and cheese, or maybe a mushroom and Swiss burger.  A wide variety of sides, such as cheeseballs, mozzarella sticks, broccoli cheese bites, egg rolls, mini tacos, mini burritos, onion petals and more.  If you happen to stop during lunch Monday thru Friday, try a Chubs Special.  The meal includes a main entrée and a side. The menu rotates every month so patrons never get tired of eating the same meal all the time.  Chubs Special are made in fresh in the kitchen in small batches so it is first come first served until its gone.  Chubs County Store specials include things you would never guess a “gas station” would serve. Chubs’ most popular specials include slow-cooked hot beef sandwiches, homemade meatloaf, chicken nachos, philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and ham and cheese sliders.


Stop in and check out Chubs Country Store! The Chubs team is waiting to serve you and show you just how great living a country life can be!  


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